The Freedom Advantage

The Freedom Advantage

We work with financial professionals to provide premier advanced business and estate planning resources to include Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Disability Income, and Annuities. We are committed to delivering these products with a high degree of quality, integrity and professionalism.

Working together with Freedom Broker Services will give you the tools you need to increase revenue, profit and the value you provide to your clients. As one of the leading brokerage operations in the country, our independent producers count on us to help them take their practice to the next level.

The Freedom Advantage is all about:

FBS allows you the opportunity to prospect, then our team drives the prospects from there. We have identified the following product and concept niches that we can assist you with:

  • Sub-standard Underwriting – Bring your “what if” cases to us and we will thoroughly and accurately shop the market for you on a formal or informal basis.
  • Jumbo Case Underwriting – We will lock up the reinsurance market for you and cede the risk amounts as needed for various carriers to max out retention levels.
  • Foreign Nationals – We have an assortment of carriers that have special underwriting considerations and are willing to work with foreign nationals.
  • Premium Financing- We have a number of quality carriers and financing arrangements available. We help you identify when premium financing is appropriate and we drive the process for you.
  • Executive Compensation – We are comfortable working with a variety of case designs for Key Person coverage that may include funding with Life Insurance, Annuities, Disability Income plans or Long Term Care plans to create the “golden handcuffs” your business clients need to attract and retain top notch executives.
  • Estate Planning – We provide you with two types of planning based on the level of detail in fact finding that you offer. We can supply you with attractive presentations and output to guide you and your client through the planning process. This support demonstrates to your clients the level of expertise and diligence you have provided on their behalf. Second-to-die life insurance sales techniques and products are our specialty.

FBS works with you from start to finish on every case. For the initial case design, we work with you to understand the facts and to design a plan best suited your client’s needs. We do the legwork to ensure that the case is being considered from all angles, that we’re fulfilling all the objectives for the client, and that we’re finding the best product fit. We provide multiple company solutions and alternatives which includes running illustrations for you and creating the presentations. We are also available to help with the initial case discussion by offering to get involved with the client, attorneys, CPAs or other financial advisors to keep the dialogue moving forward. Additionally, we involve home office advanced sales teams so that you can feel confident that the case design is the best of the best.

When it comes to choosing the right products and carriers, we take the guess work out of your job by doing the homework for you. We are continuously looking for the best carrier in every product area. We check the Vital Signs weekly to make sure the financials are strong and that the ratings and stewardship will stand the test of time.

FBS prepares pricing and product feature comparisons for you to review before making a professional recommendation for your client.

At FBS we apply a team approach when making recommendations for your clients that encompasses all factors and dynamics of each case.

FBS has state of the art proposal capabilities to take the concepts to the street in a sellable manner that is both comprehensible and marketable for any audience.

FBS positions the producer to be the most competitive and best prepared to win the sale. We are even available to make the sale for you, if that is your preference. Again, we will provide state of the art graphics and presentation material, including Power Point presentations customized for our producers. Armed with a matrix of the top carriers, as vetted by FBS, we will give you a professional recommendation as to what you should lead with on any given case.

FBS taps the most talented support teams of each carrier we represent. We recognize that varying carriers have different strengths, whether product, underwriting or concept niches and we know which advanced sales team can best handle the situation.

FBS assesses what you need to drive the sale and then brings in the experts to help carry it to fruition. We have relationships with premier attorneys and CPAs with multiple areas of expertise that will present you in the best light with your clients.

FBS is well equipped to drive your cases in an expeditious and thorough manner. We work with the best paramedical providers and examiners drive the APS process as well. FBS will constantly monitor your cases from contracting and state licensing appointments, illustration revisions, to application processing, including all underwriting requirements until your policy is placed inforce.

At FBS we offer a variety of educational and training opportunities throughout the year. By working with us you will have access to Continuing Education, one-on-one training and presentations from experts in the fields of law, accounting, investments, and retirement planning. Our topics are timely and based on current market trends.

FBS aggressively manages our carrier relationships to make sure we provide competitive compensation while bringing unique value-added creativity, experience, and intellectual capital to the sales process.

Freedom Broker Services is able to provide this level of premier resources and support due to the commitment of excellence from their team and supporting staff:

  • President, Kevin P. Conley, CLU, CASL, LUTCF
  • Vice President, Ryan D. Buck, CLTC
  • New Business Coordinator and Sales Support, Jenna R. Krieiger
  • Commissions Accountant and Bookkeeper, Theresa M. Kostka
  • Partnering Resources – Local and Home Office Attorneys and CPAs